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Friday, 4 November 2011

Folksy Friday

I came across a lovely book bag cover from Whimsey Woo Designs this week, which gave me the theme for todays folksy friday - russian dolls.  I hope you like them.

Book Bag Cover from Whimsey Woo Designs

Russian Doll Card from Betty and the Bean

Russian Doll Dress from Posy Sews

Marry Me Russian Dolls from Helen McCartney

A$ Matryoshka Russian Dolls from Malobi

Little Russian Doll Coin Purse from Girl of the Sixties

So there you have it, my favourite russian doll handmade items, perfect crimbo pressies for any litle girl, and all can be found on Folksy.


  1. I love russian dolls havent got any yet great choices

  2. Such lovely colours in your Russian doll finds.

    Natalie x

  3. What a fun selection, nice and cheery on a dull, grey morning!


  4. what a lovely collection of pieces, Helen made me some Russian Dolls as a surprise present - soooo gorgeous, and they were Hippos! :)

  5. Beautiful, I love Russian dolls! Particularly like the 'marry me' dolls - what a different and clever idea!

    I've done a Folksy Friday too, over at my Fordie Fresh blog if you'd like a look.

    Top Floor Treasures x

  6. A wonderful selection, especially love the book bag.

  7. Very cute! And so bright and colourful too x

  8. What a great lot of girls , love all these !

  9. All of them are so lovely and colourful!


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