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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Craft Library

Each year at Christmas I get treated to new craft books, and these were mine this year...

 If you have yet to discover Print and Pattern, you have definately been missing out.  Check out their blog http://printpattern.blogspot.com/  for a fab source of inspiration, and be prepared to lose many hours!

For lots of print inspiration this is a fab book.  I already have another of her books.  For more info check out Lottas website http://www.jansdotter.com/

My sewing skills aren't the greatest - pretty much straight lines all the way!! But this is full of ideas and patterns to get me started on being a little more creative with my sewing machine.
Available on amazon and plenty of other bookshops I'm sure!

Lots of lovely ideas and instructions with great pictures. Again, available on amazon, and lots of other bookshops.

I have already spent several evenings with my head buried, and getting lots of ideas.  I just need to find the time now to try them all out!


  1. Ohh. Nice books. I received a new beading book and a christmas crafts and cooking book. One from each of my boys (with a bit of help from Dad). :o)

  2. I have print and pattern and love it - i often dip in and out of it for inspiration! Completely stunning!


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