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Friday, 6 January 2012

Folksy Friday

This year I have actually been quite organised, but there have been several years where January has begun and I was still without a calendar or diary.  So for my first Folksy Friday of 2012 here are my faves on Folksy.

Camera Love Mini Calendar 2012 from Lolas Room

2012 Hoppy Bunnies Calendar from Hoppy Bunnies

2012 Diary : Lovely Stella Day from Mypipsqueak

Mini Calendar 2012 from Violet May

2012 Covered Diary - Buttons Galore from Rinaldi-Green Crafts

Fair Mini Calendar 2012 from Cassia Beck

So there's no excuses now for missing any birthdays with all these lovely diaries and calendars from Folksy


  1. Wow, what a lovely blog you have. Thanks so much for showing my 'Lovely Stella' diary :0).

  2. Aw...'Lovely Stella Day' diary is my favourite...sweet quirky selection of cats!

  3. Gorgeous choices! Want the cat diary, but I already bought 2 lol! x

  4. Great theme and selection. I think my favourite is the Bunnies.

  5. I'm a sucker for bunnies and kitties too! Shaz x

  6. Great collection of diaries, I can't manage my life without mine.

    Beautiful choices.

    Natalie x


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