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Friday, 30 March 2012

Folksy Friday

After the announcement that postal prices are set to rise (again) it makes you wonder whether good old fashioned letter writing will actually die out.  Personally, I think there is nothing nicer than receiving a hand written note, to know that someone has taken that extra little time to write to you.  My kids love to receive things in the post, and I still encourage them to send thank you notes, letters and pictures. So for this weeks Folksy Friday, I have decided to feature some lovely handmade writing sets and note cards.  I hope you like them.

Ankara Notecards from Say It

Modplants Notecards from Mrs Eliot Books

Old Fashioned Text Message Notecards from Arbee Cards

Chihuaha Writing Set from Senior Picklesworth

Kawaii Kokeshi Stationery Set from Japan Corner

Winter Cow Parsley Notecards from Gooseberry Moon

Mexican Tile Letterpress Notecards from Cerulean Press

And these are a selection of my Owl Writing Sets in my folksy shop.

So there's no excuse not to pick up a pen and write a short note to someone you care for, when there are so many fantastic writing sets and notecards to choose from on Folksy.

Have a fantastic weekend x


  1. thank you catherine! that's great.

  2. I really hope that sending proper letters never dies out. It's so much more exciting to receive something through the post than to get an email or text message!

    Lovely selection of notecards. Thanks for featuring my hello cards.

  3. I agree that there's nothing better than receiving a good old-fashioned letter. Let's hope the postage increase doesn't stop people from sending them. Thanks for including my cards in your roundup!

    Cayce (Cerulean Press)

  4. It's so much more personal to receive a lovely hand written note so let's hope that people continue to do so.

    Many thanks for including my note cards!


  5. Hi Catherine,

    Thank you very much for your message and including my kokeshi stationery set! They are all fantastic items :)

    Sachiko (^o^)

  6. Thank you for including our 'Old Fashioned Text Message' on your lovely blog. We love letter-writing so this post is just a gorgeous selection of Folksy goodies :)

    Rachel @ arbee cards


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