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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wedding Picnics

With all this gorgeous sunshine at the moment, you start to enjoy the outdoors a little more, and I especially love eating outdoors.  And then today I came across this idea - if only I had thought of this 10 or so years earlier, my wedding would have been so different.  So these are some fantastic pictures of wedding picnics...


  1. My family loves picnics, we have two regular ones each year and you come along if you can make it, otherwise you go to the next one. I've always thought that for me the ideal wedding would have a picnic involved - not that a wedding is looking likely any time soon!
    xXx Helen

  2. I'm doing this for my wedding! But I have a problem at the moment with getting picnic rugs. Back when we first got engaged, we only planned on having around 40 people at our wedding. My fiance said that he wanted to purchase matching picnic rugs in our wedding colours, to make everything look nice. However, we've ended up having to invite his extended family, which is huge, and now have 100 guests. But because of his original request, I didn't ask the guests on the invitations to bring picnic rugs. Also, I've gone to a lot of trouble to make 35 little woven basket centre pieces, and if guests bring their own rugs, we won't be able to set this up. Someone suggested to us that we could embroider our initials and date on the rugs and let guests take them home as a gift, which I love.
    However, to seat 100, I need 25 rugs that can seat 4 people. There are lots of nice rugs online, but they are all too small, as far as I can tell.
    Does anyone have any ideas where I could get some nice, inexpensive, plain colour picnic rugs that would seat 4?


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